Summer Solstice this Weekend Heading Up Three Days of Big Energies. Are You Ready?

June 18, 2020

Summer Solstice is this weekend, June 20th. The Energies coming in are of course going to multiply and come in heavier than ever before.

From 01IChing on YouTube, on 21st June 2020 summer solstice, the geometry of the structures at Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid will replicate in the sky in exact proportion to their structures. This is the same geometry that is used in the creation of crop circles. This will be at a time of a Galactic Alignment ( the summer solstice version of the Mayan winter solstice event in 2012) but will include a solar eclipse that these structures also will calculate exactly. The inherent geometry of that event squares the circle. So what should we make of this?

Also, we have a FB event where we can watch the Sunset on June 20th live from Stonehenge and on the 21st watch the sunrise. Here’s the link for that event:

Solstice is always a big energy day but it feels different this year as if more people are waking up and understanding the importance. Whatever it is, enjoy the upgrades coming to you during this time and as always, take care of yourself. When the energies get this strong you need to hydrate and listen to your body.

Enjoy my friends

-SA Smith