Personal Online Session with SA Smith

Raising Your Vibration to 5D and Beyond

Everything resonates to its own vibration.

Have you ever met someone that you immediately connected to? They were a stranger two minutes ago and suddenly it was like you were old friends? That’s because your vibration was in sync with theirs. The same thing can be said for anything in our world. Good, bad, happy, sad, emotions, people, and things. Everything has its own unique vibration. Now with the vibration of the Earth rising, we need to be working on our vibrational frequency to become the beings we were meant to be.

Part of that journey is learning how to make it happen for you. Each person’s ascension path is unique to them. That said, we all need a little guidance to help us along that path. When you are first waking up and stepping into your power it can quite alarming, scary even at times.

Each of my sessions usually runs about an hour long, but it is unique to the individual. Plan to relax and talk for a while. I will listen and answer any and all questions that I can personally.

Then I will reach out to your energy, and connect directly to you. Bringing in my guides and yours, plus anyone from the spirit side that may be with you. From there, my Guides and your team of guides will work together to fill in the holes of your ascension, tie up loose ends, and finally answer those last questions you may be concerned about.

What I do in each session is needed uniquely for you.

Each appointment is different because each time I see you, you are different. You are growing and changing along your ascension path. Some of the usual energy services that I often do for my clients in this session are: Alignment of your chakras, Balance your Energy Flow, Cleans and Clear your Energy, and Wrap You in Source Protection Energy.

I also use Light Language throughout our entire session together. It flows from Source, so it comes in and out as I work.

You are an amazing being, that radiates life…it’s time to let your real self out!  You deserve to live the life that was meant for you. One full of unconditional love, joy, and abundance in every way. 

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