Beginners Personal Ascension Session

You are in the Middle of a Huge Ascension Journey

Completely, Unique to You

You Are Growing, Changing, Evolving

Each person that awakens starts to ascend in their own way. Learning as they go. Things you have always known begin to feel foreign and strange to you. A knowing happens, a guidance. You learn to connect to yourself rather than listening to the world.

When this begins to happen, this is when it is wonderful to have someone to talk to that understands the process. This is all new to you but SA Smith understands and relates to each step of your ascension process.

Giving you a chance to get all those and more ascension questions answered. SA will work also with her guides and higher self, to help you get more information and a better look at what is happening to you on your ascension journey now.

There is nothing you can say that she hasn’t heard or been through. This is your time to ask and be, share and learn. It’s a short session, only 30 minutes that will give you clarity on your Ascension Journey.

With a One On One Ascension Session you will connect via Zoom for a personal session. This is a session all about YOU. What are you feeling? What you’re going through? What are you seeing? How are you changing?

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