Intuitive You Group Session

Have you always wanted to work with other Initiatives on a mission to help the Collective?

When you work in a group, you connect your energy to the others working with you and it amplifies your abilities. This is a great way to feel your way through your abilities and truly see what you can do.

I am offering a Monday evening session where a small group of us get together and go out on special missions that is needed to be accomplished by and for the Collective. My guides will be supplying the tasks for us to do and together as a group we will do those tasks. Need it be heading out to the grids to do work on them, or off-world to help the Galactics.

Each week our mission will be different and each week we will work together to accomplish our goals.

As I mentioned, this a special small group session. You need to be either be a part of my Intuitive You Mentoring or a client. If you have not been to a session with me and want to participate, please reach out to me via email and tell me why you would like to join the group session.