Intuitive You Ascension Mentoring

Do You Find You Are Looking At The World Differently?

Are You experiencing Synchronicities that YOU know have to be more than a coincidence?

Are you really FEELING these incoming energies and want to understand what they are doing to you? How YOU are Changing?

Do you have questions? Feelings? Knowings and Understandings that are completely new to you?

Each person that awakens starts to ascend in their own way. Learning as they go. Things you have always known begin to feel foreign and strange to you. A knowing happens, a guidance. You learn to connect to yourself rather than listening to the world.

You going through Ascension and starting to wake up. You are feeling things, noticing things, and wondering about things more than ever before.

You are AMAZING, a Divine Being. Deep down YOU understand and you want to connect to that knowing.

Are you interested in connecting with your guides? Would you like to learn to connect into YOU in a deeper way?

This mentoring session is all about you, Intuitive You. It is all about ascension, increasing your knowing, your powers, your understanding of the amazing being that you are, and tapping into that person in YOU.

As a Cosmic Intuitive, I work with you privately during this session. We work together to find your superpowers and help you connect to your strengths.

Each Session is Completely Unique to YOU.

As our time together increases, we then discuss what you are going through and what is happening with you. I tap may into your Energy, and feel what is strongest in you but this Session is really all about you connecting deeper to your understandings.

I also share the knowledge that I have learned over the years to help bring your gifts to the forefront.

Do you want to learn how to connect to your guides? To feel the energy in the room? Work with your energy? Connect to you in a deeper way?

These things and more are what this mentorship is all about. This is not a one-time thing though, this is something that takes time. It is all about the energy and effort you put into it. Each session is private with SA Smith and you via Zoom. Be ready to learn more about yourself in 45 minutes than you have in a lifetime.

I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you. -SA Smith

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