Higher Self Session

This is a Magical Session

Completely, Unique to You

One on One with Your Guides and Higher Self

What if you had the ability to ask your higher self those questions from your life that you have always wondered about? In this session that is exactly what we do. I ask you to think of about five questions that you would love to have your higher self answer. This is a very special online session where I bring in your higher self and guides, and we talk one on one with them. I have the ability to connect directly to you, your guides, and your higher self.

From there I connect in and share with you your past lives that they share with us, and all knowledge that they share. We also look at the questions you would like asked. I channel through their answers.

This is very powerful session.

Giving you a chance to get all those and questions answered and more. SA will work also with her guides and higher self, to help you get more information and a better look at what is happening with you now.

With a One On One Ascension Session, you will connect via Zoom for a personal session. This is a session all about YOU. Connecting in and with your Higher Self, this is not a healing session with your Higher-self. I only offer those through my Beyond Quantum Healing Four-Hour Sessions.

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