Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions

Healing for your Mind, Body and Spirit.

What is Quantum Healing? You might have heard of Dolores Cannon? She created the Quantum Healing technique over 45 years ago. Finding that she could go beyond just past life regression and into learning so much more. The progress has grown and changed over the life of her career.

Beyond Quantum Healing connects you to those past life experiences if needed, but with the expansion of our human consciousness, we are able to connect to so much more. Some people experience Future Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions, Parallel Lives. Some clients visit healing temples of the future, end up in browsing the Akashic Records and meet with their guides on the Spirit Side. Many BQH clients connect to their Higher Self to get answers to their questions, relief to worries, and even physical healing.

Each person is different and each session is different. Your Higher Self will guide you to the place you need to be and what you need to experience and answer your questions.
Beyond Quantum Healing is one of the powerful modalities you can work with – and one of the most accessible. And it has such a profound impact on so many levels of your being. There is nothing else that can provide you with such incredible results with just one session.

Please note for hypnosis to work affectively you must be able to imagine images and scenes within your mindseye. Clients who regularly mediate have no problem being hypnotized. If you are wondering if you are good candidate for a BQH session please reach out to me and let’s discuss it.

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“With BQH, you can accomplish in one meeting what it takes many months and even years to work through with a psychologist because it works on a quantum level of awareness.
I can vouch from experience on both sides of the divide, both as a client and practitioner. BQH has a radical effect on my life, and I’ve facilitated that same changed others.
When you commit to having a Beyond Quantum Healing session, you’re not just having a hypnosis session. You’re making an investment in yourself, your future and your long-term happiness.
Everything you own in this life is temporary. It all leaves you eventually. But the way you feel, and the experiences you create?
They remain until you change your narrative.
How are you going to create the rest of your life?” -BQH Practitioner